Enzymatic Detergent

The Hidden Dangers of Instrument Cleaning

Historically, Sterile Processing Managers and Departments have felt like they had to choose between aggressive detergents to clean their instrumentation and keeping their technicians safe and healthy.

Of course, protecting patients with properly cleaned and sterilized instruments is top priority, and until now, MDRDs have often been limited to detergents that contain harsh chemicals which may contain toxic chemicals like phosphoric acid, potassium, or sodium hydroxide.

In this short video, we review some of the impacts of these harsh chemicals to long term health and their corrosive and toxic effects on the environment. We demonstrate how our detergent can work quickly to remove bioburden without excessive brushing or soaking of instrumentation while being safe for the technician.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

[EcoZyme] is excellent! It’s better than what we have been using. Bioburden comes right off.

[EcoZyme] is very effective and doesn’t irritate my bad allergies that other chemistries/products tend to do on those bad days.

[EcoZyme], unlike the others, has great bio-burden breakdown.
[I] would love this for washers.

FREE Download: Summary of Clinical Trial Results for Enzymatic Detergents

This summary is the result of clinical trials commissioned and performed by the sterile processing department (SPD) of a large hospital system in the Midwest USA. Download the trial comparing three enzymatic detergents to learn how EcoZyme performed against leading competitors.

About Southmedic

Southmedic is a privately owned corporation established in 1983 to provide innovative healthcare products that improve the quality of care with better patient outcomes.

Our commitment to improving patient experiences through innovative technology, along with our utmost commitment to providing quality, efficiency and cost-effective solutions for our clients are true hallmarks of all our Southmedic businesses.

Our purpose is to provide the safest cleaning detergents for hospital staff, to minimize or eliminate the problems that arise while using hazardous materials, creating a more pleasant work environment.

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The Safe Cleaning Solution.

Safe for technicians and for instruments, EcoZyme ULTRA is a Neutral pH, non-hazardous, non-corrosive, non-toxic formulation.

Our proprietary formula is compliant with OSHA and EPA detergent guidelines.

Starts Working Right Away, Only Needs To Soak For 1 to 5 Minutes.

EcoZyme ULTRA is effective in removing stubborn bioburden, debris and organic/inorganic soil from all materials including: surgical instrumentation, endoscopes, plastic, rubber, and lenses.

EcoZyme ULTRA is also effective in all temperatures and in all manual and automated processes.


Our concentrated multi-enzymatic formula reduces the time required to remove bio-burden from instruments, eliminating the need for both excessive brushing and stain removers.

Reduce the amount of detergent required to clean instruments in both manual and automated process.



Minimize the risk of bioburden breakthrough when cleaning medical devices with our safe and effective bio-friendly enzymatic detergent.

EcoZyme ULTRA is an extremely effective multi-enzymatic surgical instrument cleaning solution for cleaning metal, plastic, dental, and veterinarian surgical instrumentation including flexible & rigid endoscopes.

EcoZyme’s unique patented multi-enzymatic formulation contains a variety of safe enzymes and surfactants that break down organic and inorganic biological residues.

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Powerful Cleaning without the Harsh Chemicals: 

3 Reasons to Use EcoZyme ULTRA MULTI-TIER ENZYMATIC DETERGENT to Clean Surgical Instruments

Surgical instruments require specialized care to ensure they remain sterile and in proper working order, and to greatly decrease chances of contamination. Using the right cleaning solution is critical in this process, and EcoZyme ULTRA multi-tiered enzymatic detergent is a top choice for surgical instrument cleaning.

Here are 3 key reasons why EcoZyme ULTRA is the best choice for cleaning surgical instruments.

1. Safe and Effective Cleaning

EcoZyme ULTRA provides a powerful multi-enzymatic cleaning solution without the use of harsh chemicals, creating a safe cleaning environment for both technicians and your surgical instruments.

Our multi-enzymatic formula effectively removes bioburden, debris, and organic matter from surgical instruments at all temperatures, leaving them clean and helping you prevent infections.

  • Technicians are not required to wear respirators while using our enzymatic detergent
  • Will not damage equipment or plumbing
  • Safe to dispose of per OSHA and EPA detergent guidelines 

2. Protects Against Corrosion

Surgical instruments are made of delicate and sensitive materials that can easily corrode if not properly cleaned and stored. EcoZyme ULTRA helps protect against corrosion by removing debris and neutralizing harmful substances, leaving your instruments in great condition for longer.

Our sequestrants and rust inhibitors restore instrument luster, free hinges and box locks, and eliminates the need for lubricant additive to washer cycles.

3. Cost-Effective

EcoZyme ULTRA is cost-effective, providing a high-quality enzymatic cleaning solution at a reasonable price. EcoZyme ULTRA can help you reduce costs:

  • Less product required for cleaning
  • Less time associated with cleaning (starts working right away, only needing to soak for 1 to 5 minutes)
  • Reduces manual labor, strain, and scrubbing
  • Reduces need for additional lubricant cost due to rust inhibitors, surfactants and sequestering agents

Our sequestrants and rust inhibitors restore instrument luster, free hinges and box locks, and eliminates the need for lubricant additive to washer cycles.

Powerful Cleaning Without the Harsh Chemicals

EcoZyme, ULTRA MULTI-TIERED ENZYMATIC DETERGENT is a safe, effective, and cost-effective solution for cleaning surgical instruments. Our enzymatic formula provides powerful cleaning without the use of harsh chemicals, and its gentle action protects against corrosion and surface damage.

Choose EcoZyme ULTRA for your surgical instrument cleaning needs and enjoy peace of mind knowing your technicians are safe, and your instruments are in the best possible condition.

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“This product is excellent! It’s better than what we have been using. Bioburden comes right off.”

Download the EcoZyme ULTRA product brochure today. Let’s work together to keep technicians healthy and safe from the effects of cleaning chemicals while not compromising effective cleaning detergents of your instrumentation.

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