Injection Molding

Southmedic Manufacturing is a class 100,000 cleanroom injection molder. Whether your manufacturing needs are cleanroom or controlled manufacturing room, Southmedic Manufacturing ensures your injection molded part is produced at the highest level of quality available in the marketplace. From Class A finished components to non decorative parts, producing in a cleanroom environment reduces the opportunity for the unlikely failure due to contamination from outside environmental factors. Coupled with on-line colour feeders and centralized vacuum loading systems we can ensure your injection molded plastic part is made the right way every time. Our machines are computer controlled and have servo driven robotics to perform post injection mold operations such as de-gating, unloading, testing and packing.

Southmedic Manufacturing currently supplies the medical, food and automotive industry where high quality precision, state of the art technology and solid quality management systems are a necessity and regulatory controls are an everyday requirement. As an injection molder of choice, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide solid contract manufacturing partnerships for injection molding, insert molding, over molding, pre-assembly of molded components and final packaging to our customers on time, every time. We have been successful with introducing new products into our facility through sound program management, ensuring every customer is assigned an account manager who will see your project from start to finish. If you have an injection molded part, whether it be plastic bins, automotive components or medical devices, let us work with you to ensure a high quality part is produced in an efficient, cost effective manner, and with the added benefit of being produced in a cleanroom environment.

At Southmedic Manufacturing we possess the technology, ability, knowledge and enthusiasm to ensure customer satisfaction when it comes to producing your injection molded components.