High Quality Assemblies

Southmedic’s assembly facilities contain several dedicated and custom assembly lines that can be adapted to suit your needs. Of special note is the one-piece flow assembly model available at Southmedic. One-piece flow offers our customers advantages such as simultaneous time to detect and time to correct. This results in a drastically improved lead time. In short, Southmedic’s one-piece flow assembly model assures a manufacturing process that will consistently deliver high quality assemblies on time and within your budget.

We Add Value

Many of our customers request value added services such as assembly or pre-assembly of final product. We at Southmedic Manufacturing are only too eager to help. Frequently, there are cost savings associated with assembly because additional operations can, in most cases, be done in line with our injection presses. Because we are a class 100,000 cleanroom facility, Southmedic Manufacturing ensures your assembly is produced at the highest level of quality available in the marketplace. These value added services not only include assembly but can also consist of pad printing, label adhesion, inkjet marking or a variety of other packaging services.