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Friendship Medical products available from Southmedic

Neurological and Neurophysiological accessories

High performance and uncompromising quality, Friendship Medical offers many selections of accessories for neurosurgeons and neurophysiologists to monitor and measure muscle activity (EMG), brain activity (EEG), and intraoperative monitoring and simulation (IOM). Friendship medical portfolio also includes products for Evoked Potentials (EP).

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Neurovision Nerve Monitoring products available from Southmedic

Nerve Monitoring

The Nerveäna® combines a nerve stimulator and an electromyographic (EMG) monitor into an integrated surgical tool. A surgical instrument, enhanced to become a monopolar probe, continuously applies a stimulation pulse to soft tissue while the EMG monitor detects, interprets and records muscle response evoked by stimulation. Once an evoked EMG is identified, the Nerveäna® produces an audio alarm allowing the surgeon to maintain attention on the surgical field. The Nerveäna® significantly reduces nerve location time while improving patient safety and decreasing surgeon stress during difficult dissections.

RLN Monitoring Electrodes

Dragonfly® Electrodes have set the standard for safe, convenient and reliable Xth Nerve / RLN monitoring. All Dragonfly® electrodes are applied to any standard ET tube and work with all nerve monitors. Unique positioning stripes facilitate precise placement of the electrodes on the vocal cords.

Cobra® 3 Plate Electrodes

Robust electrodes have been designed for impedance optimization and durability. Electrode geometry creates universal compatibility with single channel or multi channel systems. The high volume, low pressure cuff maintains the seal on the trachea. Color coded wires use a standard DIN and can identify the lateral vs. posterior electrode. Hermetically sealed wire connection protects from fluids to maintain a secure connection.

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