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OxyMask™ Adult
OxyMask™ Adult

OxyMask™ is an open oxygen mask that provides 24% to 90% oxygen on flows ranging from 1 lpm to flush. This innovative oxygen mask allows: open communication with patients, continuous delivery of prescribed medical oxygen, easy access for other therapies and helps make patients more comfortable thus increasing patient use compliance. OxyMask™ reduces the danger of CO2 re-breathing, reduces risk of patient harm because of inappropriate flow settings, reduces risks of aspiration, reduces the need for multiple oxygen interfaces and equipment error set up and reduces pressure points/skin irritation breakdown

OxyMask™ is available in our standard adult size and OxyPlus™ that is 25% larger than OxyMask™ for the man with facial hair, larger profiles or some stroke victims.

OM-1125-8OxyMask™ w 7′ tubing25/case
OM-3025-8OxyMask™ with Yellow Endotracheal Tube Insert25/case
OM-1125-14OxyMask™ w 14′ tubing25/case
OM-1425-8OxyMask™ w ear elastics and 7′ tubing25/case
OP-1125-8OxyPlus™ Large Mask w 7′ tubing25/case
OP-3025-8OxyPlus™ with Yellow Endotracheal Tube Insert25/case
OP-1125-14OxyPlus™ Large Mask w 14′ tubing25/case
OP-1425-8OxyPlus™ Large Mask w ear elastics & 7′ tubing25/case
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