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Southmedic is a privately owned Canadian company, incorporated in 1983. Southmedic’s medical manufacturing division specializes in certified clean room injection molding and clean room assembly. Our certified class 100,000 clean room, houses modern injection molding machines ranging from 35 to 300 tons. Our design team provides state of the art 3D solid modeling capabilities.

Southmedic is a leading Canadian distributor offering a wide range of medical devices to hospitals and clinics across Canada. Our research and development team have successfully innovated proprietary respiratory, surgical, anaesthesia, and central sterile supply products that are presently sold in more than 60 countries worldwide.  Proprietary products are distributed in Canada through our Canadian distribution sales team and in international markets through a network of distributors.

Southmedic’s OxyMask™ is an open mask system that provides patients with 24% to 90% oxygen, without the claustrophobic effects of a conventional mask, putting patient safety first. Our capnography solution products include OxyMask ETCO2, Capnoxygen and Nasal Cannula that provide ETCO2 sampling capabilities while delivering oxygen.

Southmedic surgical blades and scalpels provide a full line of sterile and non-sterile surgical blades; scalpels and safety scalpels.  Our polymer coated blades are designed to glide with smooth, clean precision for less tissue trauma and a faster recovery.  It’s the kind of difference a surgeon can actually feel.

Southmedic’s innovated “CABO” (Cutting Above and Beyond Objection),  is a unique safety scalpel cartridge that fits a standard scalpel handle, allowing the surgeon to use his preferred scalpel handle.

Southmedic’s anesthetic “Vapofil” filler tubes can be used in combination with key fill vaporizers, while “Anti-Spil” for use with pour fill funnel vaporizers, is available to fit keyed bottles for Ultane/jSevoflurane; Flurane/Isoflurane; Halothane/Fuothane and Ethrane/Enflurane.

Our Clear Choice Face and Eye Shields provide a wide range of frames and lenses,  used throughout medical facilities for efficient splash protection.

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At Southmedic, our number one priority is to consistently strive to manufacture the most innovative and reliable medical supplies possible. As health and safety standards continue to evolve, we realize the importance of staying on top of industry news and trends to supply solutions that are not only compliant, but also meet the unique needs of our customers.

Below you will find upcoming international trade shows that Southmedic will be exhibiting at along with various leading suppliers and key players from around the world. If you are seeking information on modern and reliable medical technology, we welcome you to attend a conference in your region. Our knowledgeable professionals have the expertise to assist you in identifying which of our technologies and medical tools are relevant to your requirements.

Familiarize yourself with Southmedic and discover why our excellent quality assurance reputation has positioned us as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies. Learn, explore, and experience thousands of new products & innovations, conveniently under one roof!


Welcome to Southmedic’s OxyArm™ Family educational training videos.  These training videos are intended to educate and inform healthcare professionals on our Oxy family of products.  The information provided in the videos explains the science behind the diffuser technology, the capabilities, advantages and benefits of the OxyArm™ family of products.

Each of our OxyArm™ Family training videos is accompanied by a test that can be completed on-line and automatically forwarded to an email address of your choice.  You may also download a “PDF” file of the test for printing.

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