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Who We Are & What We Do

Southmedic is a privately owned corporation established in 1983 to provide innovative healthcare products that improve the quality of care with better patient outcomes.

Southmedic’s in house R&D team have successfully innovated proprietary anesthetic and respiratory products. The OxyMask™ is patented and sold globally.  OxyMask™ provides patients with 24%-90% oxygen without the claustrophobic effects of a conventional closed mask.  OxyMask™ is truly innovative and is revolutionizing Oxygen Therapy Worldwide.

Southmedic’s polymer coated blades and scalpels are regarded by many as the sharpest, smoothest cutting edge available. Our constant focus in Research and Development and Innovation has allowed us to develop CABO™, the first safety scalpel cartridge to fit a standard surgical scalpel handle.

Our dynamic Canadian Distribution Division has grown to be one of the largest independent distributors of specialty products focusing on technical support and knowledge that is essential to providing a better healthcare experience.


As a leading medical device manufacturer and medical device distributor, these are our core goals and values:

•       Drive sales growth objectives
•       Invest in our People
•       Plan for the future
•       Improve operations/reduce cost

•       We value the skills strengths and perspectives of our diverse team
•       We value our open-minded culture
•       We value respect, accountability, and integrity
•       We value loyalty and commitment