Clearchoice Face & Eye Shields

The Southmedic Clear Choice™ products include a combination of various cost effective reusable frames and distortion-free optical lens face and eye splash shields. The BPA free wide frame band is not made with natural rubber latex and provides a comfortable fit and is easily worn over prescription glasses. Eye shield frames are also available in an antimicrobial design. Supports compliance with OSHA Bloodborn Pathogen Standards 1910.1030(d)(3)(x) and EEC Mandates.

Item Codes: Face Shields

  • SMI1010, Clear Choice Face Shield Kit, 10 frames/10 shields

  • SMI1010-100, Clear Choice Face Shield Kit, 100 frames/100 shields

  • SMI2510-PF, Clear Choice Face Shields w/ Protective Film, 25 bx

  • SMI2511, Clear Choice Frames for Face Shield, 25 bag

  • SMI3610, Clear Choice Foam Face Shields, 7.5 inches long, 40 bx

  • SMI3611, Clear Choice Foam Face Shields, 9.5 inches long, 40 bx

  • SMI45100FMC, Clear Choice Frames with drop guard Multi-Colour, 100 pkg

  • SMI45100S-PF, Clear Choice Face Shields in Dispenser Box – Shields Fit Face Shield Frames SMI45100FB; SMI45100FMC & SMI2511 100 pkg

Item Codes: Eye Shields

  • SMI9210-100, Clear Choice Eye Shields in dispenser Box, 100 pkg

  • SMI9211B, Clear Choice Frames Black for Eye Shield, 100 pkg

  • SMI9211MC, Clear Choice Frames Multi-Colour for Eye Shield, 100 pkg

  • SMI9452, Clear Choice Eye Shield office pack (multi colour frames), 10 frames/25 shields

  • SMI9212, Clear Choice Eye Shield large office pack, 100 frames/100 shields

Item Codes: Eye Shield Frames

  • SMI19214B, Black Folding Frames, 100 pkg

  • SMI9214MC, Multi-Colour Folding Frames, 100 pkg

Item Codes: Dispenser

  • SMI9001, Clear Choice Eye Shield Dispenser, 1 ea

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