Clearchoice Face & Eye Shields

The Southmedic Clear Choice™ products include a combination of various cost effective reusable frames and distortion-free optical lens face and eye splash shields. The BPA free wide frame band is not made with natural rubber latex and provides a comfortable fit and is easily worn over prescription glasses.  Supports compliance with OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standards 1910.1030(d)(3)(x) and EEC Mandates.

Item Codes: Face Shields

  • SMI1010, Clear Choice Face Shield Kit, 10 frames/10 shields

  • SMI1010-100, Clear Choice Face Shield Kit, 100 frames/100 shields

  • SMI2510-PF, Clear Choice Face Shields w/ Protective Film, 25 bx

  • SMI2511, Clear Choice Frames for Face Shield, 25 bag

  • SMI3610, Clear Choice Foam Face Shields, 7.5 inches long, 40 bx

  • SMI3611, Clear Choice Foam Face Shields, 9.5 inches long, 40 bx

  • SMI45100FMC, Clear Choice Frames with drop guard Multi-Colour, 100 pkg

  • SMI45100S-PF, Clear Choice Face Shields in Dispenser Box – Shields Fit Face Shield Frames SMI45100FB; SMI45100FMC & SMI2511 100 pkg

Item Codes: Eye Shields

  • SMI9210-100, Clear Choice Eye Shields in dispenser Box, 100 pkg

  • SMI9211B, Clear Choice Frames Black for Eye Shield, 100 pkg

  • SMI9211MC, Clear Choice Frames Multi-Colour for Eye Shield, 100 pkg

  • SMI9452, Clear Choice Eye Shield office pack (multi colour frames), 10 frames/25 shields

  • SMI9212, Clear Choice Eye Shield large office pack, 100 frames/100 shields

Item Codes: Eye Shield Frames

  • SMI19214B, Black Folding Frames, 100 pkg

  • SMI9214MC, Multi-Colour Folding Frames, 100 pkg

Item Codes: Dispenser

  • SMI9001, Clear Choice Eye Shield Dispenser, 1 ea

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